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7 Responses to Contact

  1. Peggy Pogue (Crussell) says:


    This is your little cousin from Oregon. My son Nathan was working at the Steelhead diner last year and he said that the owner knew you. He is now teaching in South Korea, but I am sorry you did not get to meet. We have a condo in Seattle near the Washington Park Zoo. I would love to see you sometime when we are in the area. Thelma told me that the last address she had for you was in West Seattle.

  2. Jim Sands says:

    Hi Jon, I just found and printed ” The Art of Eating an Oyster” for my staff at Zoe’s. I’m in Hadley MA., and would love to get together if your in the Boston area.
    Best Regards, Jim Sands

  3. Alyssa Lewis says:

    Hi Jon! My name is Lyss Lewis and I am the former owner of Seattle Pie Company in Magnolia. My mom used to help me at the shop and she always enjoyed you stopping in. My dad passed away this year with a courageous battle fighting cancer. She asked me about this white haired man that would come in and told her that she needed a better condiment selection for her breakfast scrambles. Would you have any interest? My mom would be mortified if she knew I was contacting you. I just felt like she would enjoy hanging with a fellow foodie to get her spirits up. She is really pretty, down to earth, and lives on the Skykomish river. I don’t think you are married. I didn’t do my research.

    I didn’t have a better contact for you.

    My best,


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  6. isabel says:

    Dear Mr Rowley,
    My name is Isabel Sanden and I have been a long time follower of yours. When I first moved to Seattle after College I worked for a small publishing paper called the Queen Anne news and then with the Seattle Weekly. During that time your name made quite a stir with the restaurants I worked with such as Ray’s Boathouse, and I have always respected your love of the NW and the fruits of its harvest.

    I have been away from the field for several years, dedicating my time to my 3 beautiful children, and hopefully instilling them with many of the messages you write about in your blog. Food is such a easy way to teach children about respecting the earth, creating something both beautiful and delicious and taking pride in your work, and I have appreciated those messages of your over the years.

    I am now coming back into the career world, and I would so appreciate the opportunity to talk with you, Would you be open to meeting me for coffee?

    Thank you, and I look forward to talking with you.
    Isabel Sanden

  7. stephen says:

    Dear Jon
    We will be in USA April, May 2015. Do you have any fishing, cooking goings on then?
    Connie and Stephen (very keen fisherman and cook travelling from Cape Town)

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